Okidata Oki c3200, c3400, c5100 to c6100 series

Price: $4.99

Xtra life kit for drum shown on this picture
Save over $95.00 on each color drum! Developed for drum cartridges used Oki c5100 to c6150 and c3200 series printers: c3200, c5100, c5150, c5200, c5300, c5400, c5500, c5650, c5700, c5800, c5900, c6000, c6100, c6150. Fit any color drum cartridge: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan or Black. You'll need quantity of four, to reset all drums in the printer. Phillips screwdriver needed to take drum cartridge apart and install this reset (drum shown on picture above is not included).

Since most printer owners unable to determine when is time to replace drum, manufacturer programmed printer to stop after drum made 45,000 revolutions (approximately 12,000-15,000 pages) Depend on many conditions, such as humidity, temperature, paper quality, character of the print job - drum may last approximately from 30,000 to 90,000 revolutions. So, if your drum was working just fine before "replace drum" message appeared, you may install this reset kit and put drum back in the printer, printer will recognize such drum as new, "replace drum" message will be cleared and you may get up to 15,000 more pages. However because green organic coating on the drum has a limited life, print quality will gradually decrease: streaks, shaded or light print - time to replace or rebuild drum. You should rebuild or replace worn out drum/s. Kit to repair worn or damaged drum (Sold here) and include listed Extra life kit, new green cylinder and photo illustrated instructions.
Product Features:
  • Easy to install
  • Accurate color output
  • Reduces printing cost
  • Works with starter drum cartridges
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