Product Details:
Kit to rebuid drum cartridge for QMS 2300 series. Click to view F.A.Q. page.

Price: $34.40

QMS 2300W, 2300DL, 2350W, 2350W
Keep plastic frame you've, just replace two parts and save $100.00! New Drum Cylinder developed for Konica Minolta QMS 2300 2350 series printers. New aluminum Drum Cylinder as shown on picture, new reset fuse and photo illustrated instructions (not shown on picture) high quality 100% compatible for rebuilding drum cartridge 1710520-001 of your Konica Minolta QMS 2300, 2300W, 2300DL, 2350, 2350EN, 2350W color printer. These cartridges are easy to rebuild in just 15 minutes each - no special tools or skills required, step by step photo illustrated instructions, new cylinder and new fuse are included. Combined shipping discount will apply, if bought with QMS 2300 toner.

Product Features:
  • Accurate color output
  • Low cost
  • Same life span as original drum
  • Easy to install
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