12v DC flex LED strip light

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Waterproof option is for 16.4ft only
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16 ft 4" long 12 Volt 18 watt LED light strip
These LED strips produce bright light and suitable for many applications. We carry 16.4 ft long and 8.2 ft strips. They made on flexible printed circuit board with 3528 SMD LEDs 120 degree light dispersion angle. 16ft 5" strip made of 300 LEDs consuming only 20 watt (12 volt 1.6 amp DC), emit light equal to 150 watt incandescent light bulb (Warm white strip color temperature is 2700-3000K similar to bright white CFL sold in stores, Pure white strip color temperature is 4000K-4500K similar to direct Sun light)! Please select color desired using drop down menu. These strips are made as flexible printed copper circuit boards less than 3/8" wide and only 1/8" thick with 3M self adhesive back. Strip can be cut every 1 -7/8" (3 LEDs) each part can be soldered and powered by the same or additional 12 volt power supply. LEDs spaced less than 5/8" apart, 19 LEDs per ft. White and Warm white strips are perfect for kitchen under cabinet lighting, glass door cabinet lighting, picture, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow-Amber for accent and decorative lighting. Please do not confuse with low power rope lights: these made with very bright SMD LEDs and you'll need 12 volt regulated power supply capable of at least 1.5 Amp (1500 mA) output. We recommend our 12 volt power supply. Strip shipped with black (negative) and red (positive) wire leads attached. We recommend optional female jack for solderless installation. If they are to bright for your application, please order our DC dimmer.
Product specifications:
  • Nominal voltage V 12.00
  • Maximum voltage V 12.75
  • Nominal operating current A 1.5
  • Dimensions 16 ft 4"x3/8"x1/8", Weight 3 oz
  • Color temperature (16.4 ft light output Lm): Pure white - 4000-4500K (1800 Lm), Bright white - 3000K-3500K (1600 Lm)
  • Color Rendering index: 82 to 87
  • Wave length, (light output): Red 620-630nm (324 Lm), Green 515-53nm (385 Lm), Blue 455-470nm (200 Lm)
  • The expected life span is more than 50,000 hours: White and Warm White
  • The expected life span is more than 100,000 hours: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
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