RFID chips for Okidata, Oki c3400, c5500, c5550, c5600, c5650, c5700, c5800, c5900, c6100, c6150, c8800, c9600, c9800 series

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RFID chips for toner cartridges Okidata, Oki c3400, c5500, c5500n, c5550n MFP, c5650n MFP, c5800n, c5800ldn, c5900, c5900n, 6100n, 6150n, c8600/c8800 series printers
Save over $100.00 on each color cartridge!
The Starter Toner Cartridges do not have a built in RFID chip as the standard replacement toner cartridges. This will cause the "ORDER TONER" or "INSTALL NEW TONER" message to remain, even after refilling of the starter or replacement cartridges. We offer the generic RFID chips, please order one per cartridge, if you are going to refill cartridges when "ORDER TONER" or "INSTALL NEW TONER" message is active.
Product Features:
  • Very easy to install
  • Will reset INSTALL NEW TONER messages
  • Low printing cost
  • Will not damage your printer
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